SH548-12, 24 Amp Regulator.

12V RR

Retail $150.00


Single and Three Phase, 12 VOLT, NEGATIVE EARTH ONLY!

STEP   1   Remove old voltage regulator / rectifier and fit new unit

STEP 2   Connect the three yellow wires from the voltage rect /regulator to the three wires from the alternator windings.

(2 wire alternator models the centre yellow wire at the reg /rect. is not used )

STEP 3   Connect the black wire from the reg./rect. unit to a good earth.

STEP 4   Connect the red wire from the reg./rect. unit to the battery POSITIVE or the wire that is used in the original loom.

STEP 5   Connect the (brown or orange) wire from the reg./rect. unit to a point which turns power on and  off with the ignition switch.

( Please use a wire that is on the ignition circuit, this means that it won’t loose its reference voltage and still run. As could happen if it is put to a blinker or stop power. ) !!!

STEP 6   Start engine and test voltage at the battery.

Some motorcycle wiring can be confusing. Please consult an auto-electrician or Small Coil Rewinds if in any doubt.