Imrie AT300 $750.00

The Imrie AT300 tests SINGLE and THREE PHASE permanent magnet alternators.

            This tool was specially designed for the motorcycles, small engines and outboards.
They have models that have Permanent magnet alternators / charge systems.
The Imrie AT300 will check these under load displaying their output in watts, at the same time checking for short circuits too ground.
Testing or checking Single or Three phase alternators:

           Simply disconnect the regulator (or can be direct from the alternator) and plug the Phase leads from the AT300 into each output terminal (single phase use only two), clip the Engine earth lead to a good engine earth.
Turn ON the AT300, notice that the indicator LEDs will flash, after a couple of seconds only the blue will flash, start the engine and take note of the AT300’s panel LEDs.
         If at any RPM the Red “TEST FAILURE” LED lights it indicates that there is a short circuit too earth and therefore no further testing is required as the alternator is no good.
           As the RPMs are increased or decreased the power (wattage) LEDs should light in sequence, if any LED fails to light or is delayed it indicates that the output is uneven which is usually a burnt-out phase winding. Some models have ignition exciter coils, eg. YFM250,350,400, CB250, LTFs etc. so there may be a slight delay.
Smaller alternators may not light all the LEDs.
          Quick connect type Banana plugs allow for quick and easy connection.

          There is a huge amount of power being dissipated by the large resistors (150 watt by 3) inside the tester so if the “STOP! Testing” LED lights it means that you have tested too long, please STOP testing and allow tester to cool.

N.B. By using the Imrie AT300 and keeping records will quickly diagnose stator problems. We strongly recommend to use the tester on known good motorcycles to build confidence in its operation and get a base performance of each models output.