Imrie AC120 $550.00

The Imrie AC120 it will test / check the AC- DC systems that are used on Yamaha WRs, KTMs, Husqvana,  Honda CRF-Xs etc. and other 6 and 12 volt systems that have permanent magnet AC lighting and DC battery charging. It will also test AC only lights systems.

Testing or checking these systems:

On some late models, eg. WR Yamahas, the only place to check the output while the engine is running is at the regulator connection, they have a tapping from the white wire to the igniter which needs to exist for spark. Also the Head and Tail globes need to be removed.

If the engine runs with the wires (see list of common models below) disconnected, only disconnect the ones listed, as the others are needed for the ignition. Connect the tester’s leads as follows.

Winding “START” test lead, on most models this is engine EARTH or its earth wire.

“CENTRE” test lead, is for the AC lights output, yellow on most models. If checks are done at the regulator connection the headlight and tail globes will need to be disconnected.

Winding “END” test lead is battery charge, see list below for wire colours.

Quick connect type Banana plugs allow for quick and easy connection.

Turn ON the Imrie 120, you will notice the indicator LEDs will flash, after a few seconds only the REDs will flash, if the LEDs fail to flash? Check or replace the 9 volt battery.

Start the engine.

As the RPMs are increased the power (wattage) LEDs should light.

Single AC output stators, eg. Pre 1997 RMX250, early WR400,426 and TE/TC Huskies etc. can also be tested,  using “START” as engine earth and “CENTRE” to the AC output. Note only the high wattage indicator LEDs will illuminate.

Yamaha: Black is earth (START), Yellow lights (CENTRE), White is battery charge (END of winding).

Kawasaki: Black/yellow START, Yellow lights CENTRE, Green battery charge END.

KTM, Husqvana, Gas Gas, Husaburg and TM, Enduro models with Kokusan ignition:

START onto engine, Yellow lights CENTRE, White battery charge END.

The Imrie AC120 dissipates a large amount of power across the internal resistors. As a result the tester has the capability of getting extremely hot. If the Imrie AT300 detects that it is too hot a LED will illuminate. Stop using the tester immediately if this occurs, and allow it to cool.

N.B. By using the Imrie AC120 and keeping records will quickly diagnose stator problems. We strongly recommend to use the tester on known good motorcycles to build confidence in its operation and get a base performance of each models output.